Pono Farm  - For the Quality of an Organic Life
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Aloha, and welcome to the Pono Farm web page.  A non-certified Organic 4+ acre farm in South Kona Hawaii, we are family owned and operated, striving to live as sustainably as possible.  Sitting at approximately 750ft in elevation creates a prime growing environment for over 100 varieties of fruits, garden vegetables, and herbs.  Our produce specialties are Figs, Mangoes, and Surinam Cherries.  We do massage and Aromatherapy as well as manage fruit harvest for others farms.  Livin' the dream.

Pono Farm Players:

Mother Teri Callaghan - Therapist and Weed Slayer. 
Daughter BreeLyn Bryant - Farm Manager, Aromatherapist and all around Agricultural Nerd. 
Husband Doug Bryant - Landscaping, LMT and guitarplayingmartialartsdoinsurfer.
Step Dad John Rodecker - Moral President and Elephant Grass Viking
Auntie Laurie Richardson - Beautification Consultant and Ice Tea Delivery
Auntie Jo Richardson - Head Harvester and Seahawks Expert
Mom's Husband WIll Pote - Flautist and Tree Doctor
Sister Savannah Pote - Renaissance Ring Leader
Four Legged Oli, Ipo, Hoku, and Maori - Pest Control and Security

Interested in Help?  Happy to work with you.  Contact Us at (808)333-2690

Bree, in action
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