Pono Farm and Landscaping - For the Quality of an Organic Life
The view from the farmhouseMahalo for visiting!

Aloha, and welcome to the Pono Farm web page.  We are a non-certified Organic 4+ acre farm in South Kona Hawaii.  We are family owned and operated, striving to live as sustainably as possible.  Sitting at approximately 750ft in elevation creates a prime growing environment for over 100 varieties of fruits, garden vegetables, and herbs.  Our main produce to date are figs.

Pono Farm Players:

Mother Teri Callaghan - Therapist and Weed Slayer. 
Daughter BreeLyn DuPertuis - Farm Manager, Herbalist and all around Agricultural Nerd. 
Partner Doug Bryant - Creative Professional Landscaping and guitarplayingmartialartsdoinsurfer.
Step Dad John Rodecker - Moral President and Elephant Grass Viking
Auntie Laurie Richardson - Beautification Consultant and Ice Tea Delivery
Auntie Jo Richardson - Head Harvester and Seahawks Expert
Mom's Husband WIll Pote - Flautist and Tree Doctor
Sister Savannah Pote - Renaissance Ring Leader
Four Legged Oli, Ipo, Hoku, and Maori - Pest Control and Security

Need Help?  We are happy to help you take care of your piece of Kona paradise too!  Contact us for a free consultation.

Bree, in action
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